Who are we?

gasconha 8516Gasconha Brewery's beers are brewed at Pessac (33), on the immediat fringes of Bordeaux.

The methods of production pursue the British «real ales'» tradition, but also those of maturation beers from the north of France.
The brewers choose these methods of brewing for their crafted and rustic character which, to the cost of an high yield, allows the obtention of beers uniting delicacy and personality.

Gasconha Brewery offers you beers without additive, nor preservative. These aren't filtered nor pasteurised. The in-bottle refermentation creates a yeasts' sediment, witness of the quality and authenticity of our products.
You might, according to your taste, pour it in your glass. This yeast enforce the taste of the beer, bringing a light blur.

Our recipies had been elaborated by ourselves, from brewery's traditional ingredients: water, cereal malts (germinated then dehydrated seeds), bittering and flavouring hops, selected yeasts and eventually spices in some recipies.

We are equipped of a brewing room allowing us to realise from 800 to 1000l brews. This equipment already proved its worth in the former Canardou Brewery in Dordogne.

The brewers:

Vincent SOULAS: before brewing beer, he was brewing trouble, let's say he was brewing numbers. Trained in a Management school as we say nowadays (EDHEC not to mention), during 10 years he made numbers fit in squares and other numbers in other squares. Weary of living the parisian life, a parachuting in Bordeaux allowed him to work … in Cognac and beer. You start to glimpse the connexion. Initiated by Olivier BONSERGENT (Gabariers' Brewery) to the secrets of the divine brewerage's confection; then by Pascal MOUNIER to the arcana of selling, it is after scores of tests in his veranda that he decides to throw himself in the deep end… of craftbeer.

Nathanaël ROGIER: Born in Lille, we can say that he was into beer from an early age. After a training as an agricultural ingineer, his career path goes from large retailers to commerce in the ground fertilisation products' industry, before taking the technical responsibility of a vineyard. He made a 4 year-detour in Bresil, a country that consumes 3,5 times more beer than in France. The passion of the beer kept growing, starting brewing in the family kitchen. In 2012, he made the choice to leave the salaried status to engage himself in the adventure of Gasconha Brewery's development. In that goal, he followed a training as «brewery operator» in the biotechnology pole of La Rochelle's University.

We are doing our utmost to offer you products of an irreproachable quality. Our will is to enrich the diversity of beers to your disposal and satisfy your tasting pleasure with products holding a strong local identity.

If you want to know more, we are welcoming you with great pleasure at the brewery all year long from monday to friday, from 8 am to 6 pm( we recommend you to make sure of our attendance, settling an appointment by telephone).

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